With onsite support from VIM Group, Palladium, a leader in the development and delivery of positive impact solutions, has launched under a new name and brand identity

Palladium was previously known as GRM Futures Group. Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, all seven legacy brands were consolidated under one single brand: Palladium. The new unified brand combines the expertise of over 2000 employees in over 90 countries to better help transform lives, businesses, societies and economies.

Pre-launch preparation

Through the application of our Impact Analysis we were able to set up effective project organisation and a project plan. We then conducted in-depth surveys of all brand touch point work streams and provided feedback on possibilities for standardisation, optimisation and rationalisation during the rebrand process.

Launching the new brand

The new brand was launched at a number of global Brand Rallies on July 28th. These brand rallies were days of celebration for all Palladium employees. The events combined the brand launch with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company.

Our role was to ensure that all offices received the correct instructions and materials in preparation for the Brand Rallies as well as for the implementation of the new branding in the offices.

Ensuring consistency from start to finish

Since the launch we continue to monitor the completion of high priority deliverables, through on-site project management to ensure brand consistency. We are tracking the progress of each office rebrand and providing advice and assistance where needed.