Future-proof retail concept for KPN Telecom

KPN have opened its first future-proof retail concept pilot stores in The Hague and Haarlem in The Netherlands. VIM Group, through its Dutch subsidiary NykampNyboer, coordinated and implemented the new concept together with DoepelStrijkers (concept and interior) and De Werkvloer (interactive communication).

Retail formula

As society is changing rapidly under the influence of technological advances, KPN has had to change their services as well. KPN is swiftly turning into an omni-channel company with ambitious plans for its retail channel for both sales and service. That is why a pilot trajectory has been set up for a new store formula. This new formula is a spatial concept with a 360 degree experience and the grandeur of a market leader.

The pilot stores fit well in the multi-channel approach that KPN wants; to integrate all contact points with the customer, online, store and consumer care centre, as much as possible. In the new stores it as if the customer walks directly into the KPN website. Discovery and experience are the main drivers. Customers can discover new possibilities by using the latest technology to make life and work easier and more fun.

Experience and service

KPN goes from 'intangible services and product-oriented store' to 'an environment for experience and service'. The new store plays a crucial role in enthusing and seducing the (potential) customer with products and services that add value in daily life. All parts – from interior to walls, interactive screens and products – work together to create an environment that is fine tuned to the target group. The store becomes a theatre, where a new show is programmed every once in a while.

An environment where the online KPN world segues into the physical world, where discovering and trying products and services is a given and where new possibilities can be experienced. An environment where dialog and interaction with the customer drives the service of KPN. Now and in the future. Internet, Interactive TV and phone calls, all products and services can be experienced live.

Experience and interaction at the forefront

The future-proof store concept consists of areas with smartphones, tablets, DECT-phones and the latest gadgets and accessories. Around those areas are 'smart walls', created by joining 8 55 inch displays, that interact with customers through infrared and Kinect movement technology. These 'smart walls' act as life-size touchscreens with an 18 feet diagonal dimension. The 'smart walls' show the capabilities, the areas around them have the products that make it possible.

Dynamic and flexible

The new KPN store has a future-proof infrastructure that is dynamic and flexible. A place where one can sits, stand, hang, lie or walk around in different ways. A multifunctional space where changes in configuration of product display van easily be performed.

Programme management

VIM Group have performed and supported the process of development, preparation, planning and actual implementation. On top of that, a contribution to developing practical solutions for specifically requested functionality has been made. During the development, VIM Group guarded the vision and starting points and connected all involved parties and disciplines. Geared towards an effective cooperation between a multitude of parties involved. All of this within the constraints of time, budget and quality.

The result is a revolutionary new retail formula, which interpret the demands and wishes of (potential) customers of KPN in an inspiring and welcoming way.