Digital branding opportunities have exploded in recent years following the expansion of digital channels and touch points. Needless to say, it is crucial that brands have oversight in this area - and that’s where our TechnologyValuator™ tool comes in.

Making technology work for you

Our TechnologyValuator™ tool acts as a roadmap for success in this area. It allows future ambitions to be plotted against the current situation. It also recommends actions and estimates timings, providing you with comprehensive insight.

We will carry out an in-depth audit to evaluate your brand portals and identify ways in which they could be utilised better. In addition, we will assess your online processes and your management of processes.

To help us build a picture of the ways your brand can benefit from a better use of technology, we will also evaluate your processes relating to documents and templates.

Our audit will involve conducting interviews with relevant personnel, carrying out desk-based research and by using results gathered from an online survey we will put together.

Technology is at the heart of every successful brand – so knowing how to use it well is worth investing in

Better use of technology = a better brand

The evolution of technology is changing the way customers interact with brands and, more than ever, brands need a strong understanding of how to use technology to provide added value to customers.

Our TechnologyValuator™ is an efficient and easy way to gauge how your brand is currently using technology – and how it could be enhanced and improved.