Are you wondering how much a rebranding will cost your company? Our ImpactValuator™ is a practical tool that will provide you with an insight into the cost and impact of a rebrand for your particular organisation across all brand touch points.

An invaluable tool for estimating the cost of your rebranding

Whether you are considering rebranding as a result of a merger, acquisition, repositioning or brand migration, this in-depth audit process can help you determine the steps necessary to make it not just possible, but successful.

Our ImpactValuator™ tool will highlight the most appropriate scenarios from a financial, organisational and visual aspect to maximise results. It will help you achieve your objective in the most timely, cost efficient and effective way.

We use a combination of desk research, key stakeholder interviews, site visits and surveys to gather the information needed. This alongside knowledge and insight we have from conducting over 1400 rebrand projects enables us to provide you a rebrand cost upfront suitable for planning, preparation and decision making.

As part of our audit, we will evaluate the timing of your rebrand and the impact this could have on your organisation as a whole.

We will establish the necessary requirements for successfully managing change and consider all implications of your planned changes.

Using the ImpactValuator™ is a vital first step in the rebranding process for any business, big or small

We will show you a clear path to success

You will be presented with an in-depth overview of our findings and investigations, including survey results.

We will evaluate the information gathered and explain the impact it has on your plans to rebrand in detail.

You will gain an upfront understanding of the impact of your rebranding which will allow you to move forward with confidence.