The PerformanceValuator™ evaluates a wide range of aspects that affect the success and impact of your brand. This tool will provide you with an invaluable insight into how well your brand performs with employees and in any market –global or regional. 

What can I use the PerformanceValuator™ for?

The PerformanceValuator™ can be used to assess the overall behaviour of your current brand across your territories and audience, or it can be used to focus on aspects such as marketing, take-outs or proof points.

This versatile tool is particularly useful for evaluating employee, customer and peer feedback and what it means for the performance, impact and future of your brand.

The PerformanceValuator™ works via an in-depth audit of the relevant parts of your organisation to allow us to gather the information we need to make the necessary evaluations.

The audit involves interviews with key stakeholders of your organisation, site visits and desktop research. We may also carry out online surveys.

If you want to know how well your brand is performing in a particular market and with your employees, you need the PerformanceValuator™

Information is the key to your brand’s success

This tool can also be used to evaluate the overall governance of your brand and how it operates within your existing brand guidelines.

With the right information and insight from the industry’s leading brand implementation experts at hand, you will be better-equipped to make positive changes that will improve the performance of your brand in whatever markets you operate in.