At VIM Group, we are the experts when it comes to managing brands at every level. Good brand governance is key to your long-term success. Our brand management service will enable you to create this within your organisation.

A comprehensive package of support from the industry leaders…

We provide complete support and insightful advice on every aspect of brand management, including agency relations, auditing and brand performance.

Our team of brand management specialists can help you identify problems, and guide you through implementing the necessary changes.

Investing in our brand management service will allow your brand to perform optimally on a visual, organisational and financial level.

Brand portal
Brand portal

Consistency is a key area of focus and, as a part of our service, we can help you create the right infrastructure to ensure this is maintained.

As part of our brand management service, we also focus on areas of your company such as visibility, sustainability and costs now and tomorrow. Achieving control and implementing management of these aspects is crucial.

From friendly advice to comprehensive support, we’ll enable you to create full brand governance that will make a real difference

Maximising your impact, minimising your spend

Design management
Design management

Our unrivalled expertise in the field of brand management means we are best positioned to provide the support and advice you need to continuously establish and maintain control at every level of your organisation.

With our help, you can maximise the impact of your brand and minimise your spend.

The changes will be immediate and the benefits will last long term.